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New Yale locked fitted at local B&B | Hirst Locksmiths

This morning I was at a booked appointment at the local B&B where I did some work lossy week. The owners wanted their lock replaced on the door that separates their private lounge with the paying guest are.

Hirst locksmiths provides a service where Danny will come out to your property (residential or commercial) and provide a free no obligation quote. Due to the nature of some locks and mechanisms, Danny may have to strip down a part of, or all of the lock/mechanism to get an idea of the fault. This works will still come under the free no obligation quote service.

So do you have an issue with any of your doors or windows not locking as they should? Get in touch with Danny from Hirst Locksmiths of Galashiels for a free no obligation quote.

☎️ Call 07399574282.

✅ No VAT charge.

✅ No Call out fee.

✅ Friendly, professional service.



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