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What should have been a quiet day for Hirst Locksmiths, turned into a Hectic one! | Hirst Locksmiths

Updated: Apr 16

What should have been a quiet day for Hirst Locksmiths, turned into a hectic one! With one job booked in for this morning, I planned on some servicing/cleaning of my tools. But with another few jobs coming in, I ended up not touching my tools! Apart from obviously using them on the jobs! 🤣

I started off with a door adjustment/service in #Hawick. Whilst on my first job, I had a call from a customer in #galashiels wanting to get into her shed after loosing the key. It was a very old padlock with a fair bit of rust, so it was proving difficult with my specialist tools. There was only one option left; and as the key had been lost, I cut it off (with the customers permission).

Another two calls come through just after finishing the shed, but only had time for one of the jobs today, just east of #Lauder (the other job is booked in for Thursday just outside #kelso).

My last job just east of Lauder was for a few issues. The front door needed adjusting, the back French doors were deadlocked shut; and the side door for the garage would not lock. Within minutes of starting on the French doors, I had the doors open and the issue resolved. The last door was the side entrance to the garage that wouldn’t lock. Unfortunately, the gearbox (which is no longer in production) had failed. A new locking strip is on order and will be fitted next week when the customer returns from holiday.

Tomorrow Danny Hirst is in #selkirk and #bowden for a couple of jobs, so I do have some availability if you want to book in. However I have plenty of availability for the rest of the week and beyond. 👍

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#thumbsuplocksmith Hirst Locksmiths
#thumbsuplocksmith Hirst Locksmiths

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