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Daniel Hirst - Head Locksmith

Hi guys, my name is Danny and I am the locksmith that will come and help with all your lock issues. Call me directly today on 07399574282

About Hirst Locksmiths Galashiels | Galashiels Locksmith | 

Hirst Locksmiths Galashiels is a local locksmith business operated and ran by myself Daniel Hirst or Danny as my friends call me. I live at 29 Summerfield, Earlston, Berwickshire, TD4 6ET and you can call me on 07399574282 for any of your locksmith needs throughout the border areas.


I am just next to Galashiels in Scotland. However I cover all the borders 24 hours and I specialise in UPVC multi point, wood and Composite door related issues from lock picking and lock bypass to changing locks and hardware. 

Hirst Locksmiths are a technical entry locksmith which means we don't just drill a lock, but we actually pick locks, imprint locks for a technical entry. I will always do everything I can to help you if you are locked out or locked in, need advice related to locks and security related issues.

About Danny: I have trained under Master Locksmith Steven J Taylor and Taylors Locksmiths and I originally spent 36 weeks under him and working as a locksmith based apprentice for 6 weeks before moving into the job roll and before stepping into the business practice and undertaking my Locksmith Business Development Course and Certification. Which means I am trained in consumer law to data protection and fair marketing. Which means you the consumer do not get ripped off or risk data privacy issues. It means that you get full warranties on all parts and labour, fair terms and contracts. This awarded me the Safe Contractor Approved UK certification which also looks at my security, mental and family background through our strict vetting criteria and under go a DBS Data Barring Service Check and with myself being ex military I have further checks by the UK Government. Vetting is delivered by United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV), which is part of the Cabinet Office Government Security Group and the Government Security Function. This means I have a trusted security clearance for all of your locksmith needs when it comes to your personal data security or your home and business security needs. They are all in safe hands.

As part of my training I had to meet the Guild of Master Locksmiths criteria's on all training levels and exams. I proudly hold a full level 4 award in locksmithing with the majority of locksmiths in the UK only holding a level 2 award and having studied for only 5 days. I have gone above and beyond for my customers, so that I can deliver the best service and customer care and customer satisfaction and that has shown as Hirst Locksmith won the Consumer excellence award, also known as customer excellence (CX) refers to everything an organisation does to deliver superior experiences, value, and growth for customers. CX has four components: brand, product, price, and service.


Customer excellence, also known as customer success, begins with ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes. To achieve success, customers need to be certain of getting value from the products or services they have purchased. They need to have their expectations met, or surpassed and Hirst locksmiths have done this with over 200 five star reviews on Google. in 2024 after 3 years or trading we won the coveted CX award and we also won the Trade and Excellence Award for 3 years of continued excellence in the industry. 

The L.T.E.A certification and award means that the locksmith who carries it has met the GMLUK strict criteria in excellence and has been awarded this prestige's award. It takes 3 years of trading to achieve the first award and in them 3 years you must have an exemplary record of customer satisfaction. The award is handed out every 3 years and after 3 awards at 9 years of service that locksmith and the locksmiths business will then be able to enter into the Guilds noble and prestige's coveted award of Master Locksmith which takes 10 years of daily work as a locksmith dealing with the general public to high security rated locks and advanced training. 

To achieve the Excellence Award the locksmith is interviewed every 3 years and the GMLUK independently verify random reviews making sure the locksmith has met the criteria. Only a locksmith who has met the criteria may carry the L.T.E.A Certification and award and each locksmith and business has there own registration number rating to each award. 

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 Safe Contractor Approved UK Safe Contractor Approved is a scheme and award that is operated by the Guild of Master Locksmith
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About Danny, Your Local Locksmith in Galashiels & The Borders

The date 08/04/2021 marked the end of my 24 year career in the Royal Engineers.


The values and standards that have been engrained over my career has transitioned with me over to my locksmith business, Hirst Locksmiths of Galashiels. You can rest assured that you will get an exemplary service as I pride myself with high standards and complete professionalism.


For a free no obligation quote, please call me, Danny on 07399574282 or you can view my pricing list on the websites main page at

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Danny Hirst, owner Hirst Locksmith Galashiels as a Royal Engineers
 Safe Contractor Approved UK Safe Contractor Approved is a scheme and award that is operated by the Guild of Master Locksmith

Hirst Locksmiths in Galashiels are a Safe Contractor Approved UK locksmith. You have peace of mind knowing I am fully data protection trained, trained in consumer law, home insurance regulations and standards and that Hirst Locksmiths have not only your homes security in hand but also your personal security. Unlike other locksmiths Hirsts have undertaken a full comprehensive locksmith business training program so you will not have any issues with our locksmith service. That is why we have over 200 five star reviews on Google as we understand the customer, pricing and the job. 

We are part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK and I carry a Level 4 GMLUK award in residential locks and hardware, dealing with all parts of multi point locking systems to hardware and servicing.

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