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A Gearbox To Fit, A Lock To Pick and A Scandinavian Lock To Replace | Hirst Locksmiths

A gearbox to fit, a lock to pick and a Scandinavian lock to replace! A varied day of jobs for Hirst Locksmiths.

Danny Hirst started the day off in Selkirk to fit a gearbox on a deadlocked door that Danny got opened a couple of days ago. The customer was over the moon at how much more secure the door now feels. 😃

The second job was a call out to Lauder. The customer had locked himself and his wife out. After 10 minutes or so of picking a lock on a back door, Danny had the door unlocked with no need to replace the lock.

The last job of the day was for a customer in Boleside, Galashiels. They had a patio door in the kitchen that had not been open for some time due to never having a key for it. It was a Scandinavian style lock, so was fairly easy to remove and replace, even from the locked position it was in.

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