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Danny Hirst is 45 Years Young Today And Has Been Spoilt! | Hirst Locksmiths

Danny Hirst is 45 years young today and has been spoilt! Danny had a couple of appointment bookings first thing in #selkirk for a door realignment and some measuring up just down the road from #abbortsford for 5 mortice sash locks and a deadlock, 4 of which are fresh fits! 😅

Once Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmiths was finished, his Fiancée and future sister in law took him for lunch. They were then joined by his future mother in law. Hirst Locksmith in Galashiels is now settling down for an afternoon and evening of football! ⚽️ He is also being cooked his favourite meal; Lasagna! Days don’t get much better than this for Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmiths!

Question: What’s your favourite Birthday meal? 🤔

Tomorrow morning Hirst Locksmiths is booked in for a job just outside #earlston and that is it at the moment. If you want to book in, give Danny Hirst a shout. 👍

☎️ Call 07399574282 to speak directly with Danny Hirst!

✅ No VAT charge!

✅ No call out fees!

✅ Friendly professional service!

✅ Fully Insured and DBS checked!

It's Danny Hirst Birthday - Hirst Locksmiths
It's Danny Hirst Birthday - Hirst Locksmiths

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