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Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmiths in Galashiels had a busy start to the week! 😅 | Hirst Locksmiths

Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmith in Galashiels had a busy start to the week! 😅

With jobs booked in Hawick and Selkirk, it should have been a fairly chilled day. But with two emergency call outs, it made for a busy one!

In Hawick and Selkirk, Danny had four euro cylinders to change in total for both jobs. The second job (in Selkirk) also had a key safe to open and change the code.

The first call out of the day was in Galashiels and the issue was a failed euro cylinder. The key was stuck in the lock due to the pins failing. A quick change of lock, and all was as good as new!

The second (and last) call out of the day was in Kelso. This was a lock out. The door felt as if it was unlocking but the hooks were not retracting enough in the multipoint locking system. Within minutes, Danny Hirst had the door opened and the issue identified as a failed gearbox. With an overnight/temporary gearbox fitted, the house can now be secured until the new part arrives.

Hirst Locksmiths has a busy week of appointment bookings, but Danny Hirst still has some availability if you want to book in. 👍

☎️ Call 07399574282 to speak directly with Danny Hirst!

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