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Do You Have Any Windows You Can’t Open? Hirst Locksmiths Can Help! 👍 | Hirst Locksmiths

Do you have any windows you can't open? Hirst Locksmiths can help! 👍

That's what Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmiths was doing today in St Boswells, opening four deadlocked windows! All four needed opening from the outside using specialist tools. This wasn't an issue for three of them as the were on the ground floor. The fourth however was on the first floor, so Danny had to get the window open working at height.

All were opened and new Espags were fitted. The customer was over the moon that she can now get air into the rooms whilst we are experiencing such high temperatures. ☀️

If you need a locksmith anywhere in the Scottish Borders or beyond, get in touch with Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmith in Galashiels.

☎️ Call 07399574282 to speak directly with Danny Hirst!

✅ No VAT charge!

✅ No call out fees!

✅ Friendly professional service!

✅ Fully Insured and DBS checked!

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