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Hirst Locksmiths Completed Four Jobs Today! | Hirst Locksmiths

Hirst Locksmiths completed four today! A couple of the jobs were locked doors that needed opening (as seen in the pictures).

One of the jobs was due to the customer loosing her keys. This ended up being a blessing in disguise due to the lock that was fitted was a 3 lever mortice lock. To be compliant with your home insurance policy, you must have a 5 lever lock fitted. So for that, the customer was happy! She now has a British Standard 5 lever lock fitted. 😃

The second locked door of the day was a little more tricky as the door was deadlocked due to a faulty gearbox. The remaining two jobs of the day were for two faulty gearboxes.

Tomorrow morning Danny from Hirst Locksmiths is heading to a wind farm near Grantshouse for an appointment booking which Danny Hirst is looking forward to. If you need a locksmith, get in touch to arrange a free no obligation quote.

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