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Today Has Been About Community Engagement for Hirst Locksmiths | Hirst Locksmiths

Today has been about community engagement for Hirst Locksmiths. Carrying out his duties as part of the Earlston Civic Week committee.

This mornings duck race is a yearly event used to raise money for Earlston civic week. It was a success, with 1000 ducks in the race! The hard work was recovering all thousand ducks before they ended up travelling the length of the River Tweed and ending up in the North Sea! 🦆 🌊

It was a tiring morning as Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmith in Galashiels had a late night emergency call out to #selkirk for a customer returning from holiday and their mortice sash lock had failed! It was a tricky job, but to the relief of the customer Hirst Locksmiths got them back into their property and changed the lock.

Hirst Locksmiths have a few jobs booked in for the coming week, but still have availability if you want to book in. 👍

☎️ Call 07399574282 to speak directly with Danny Hirst!

✅ No VAT charge!

✅ No call out fees!

✅ Friendly professional service!

✅ Fully Insured and DBS checked!

Earlston Duck Race - Hirst Locksmiths
Earlston Duck Race - Hirst Locksmiths

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