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A Day For Handles & Lock Changes | Hirst Locksmiths

A day for handles & lock changes for Hirst Locksmiths.

Wow, what a busy day for Hirst Locksmiths! 😅

I started the day across in Grantshouse near Duns to fix a set of French doors and replace the front door lock. The French doors in the kitchen had one side that was permanently locked due to never having a key for it since moving in. The other issue was the door that did open was catching with the locked door, so it was a battle to open/close the door. After replacing the lock with no key and making some minor adjustments, both doors now open/close and lock/unlock effortlessly. The same customer also wanted a new lock on their front door.

Once finished in Grantshouse, I took a lovely drive across to Lauder. With the winter scenes at the moment, it’s always a pleasure driving around the Borders. My Lauder customer had issues with her door locking, so after some investigation a couple of days ago I found it to be a faulty gearbox. On informing the customer, she asked if she could also have a colour change of handles and letter box as well. So I added these to the order. Today I fit all three and the customer was delighted.

On finishing the job in Lauder, I head home for a well earned cup of coffee. As I put the cup to my mouth, my phone buzzed for a customer wanting a quote on a handle and lock change in Melrose. Due to not having the handles, I have placed these on order and will have them fitted early next week (photos to follow).

Have a great weekend everyone! Get in touch with Danny from Hirst Locksmiths to arrange an appointment for a free no obligation quote.

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