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Complete Lockdown Failed Lock | Hirst Locksmiths

Two booked appointments for Hirst Locksmiths today.

First job this morning in Melrose I had allocated three hours for. The front door had gone into complete lockdown where you Could unlock the door but the top and bottom bolts (locks) would not retract. The customers insurance company had sent a locksmith from Glasgow to have a look but their solution to resolve the problem was not favourable to the customer. So, thankfully I was called. 😃 After doing a job for this customer back in September, he was happy to call on Hirst Locksmiths services again.

The problem was a failed gearbox that had literally sheared internal parts, preventing the top and bottom bolts from retracting. Once I had that issue sorted and the door open, I then found a number of sheared screws in the door from where the locking strip had previously been fitted!

In preparation for going back tomorrow with a new gearbox, I have removed all the sheared screws and filled the holes with wood filler. I’ve also fitted a temporary gearbox to allow the customer to lock their door for the night.

The customer had said there was something that just didn’t feel right fir some time. Higher site is great, because had he known it would fail completely he would have got it looked at.

So get in touch if something doesn’t feel right with any of your internal or external doors.

The second job was fitting a new mortice lock for a customer in Ednam. I’m pleased to say that was a more straight forward job! 😃

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