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Danny Hirst Got The Buzz Today! | Hirst Locksmiths

Danny Hirst got the Buzz today! Why you ask??? A deadlocked UPVC door that he successfully opened!

You may be thinking ‘Well it’s his job, why wouldn’t he get it open?’ and yes you would be right in thinking this. But from the day you learn the skills to open such doors, you get a bit of a rush. It’s like when you solve a complex puzzle!

So todays job included ‘the’ deadlocked UPVC door, fitting new locking strip, fitting new window lock and handle, fitting two Ring Door Bells and changing a bathroom door lock.

Hirst Locksmiths has plenty of appointment availability, so get in touch with Danny Hirst directly on ☎️ 07399574282.

✅ No VAT charge!

✅ No call out fees!

✅ Friendly professional service!

✅ Fully Insured and DBS checked!

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