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Scottish Borders Locksmith, Hirst Locksmiths | Hirst Locksmiths

Scottish Borders Locksmiths, Hirst Locksmiths has had a busy morning. First job of the day was in Danny’s home town of Earlston for a locked cupboard door. The 100 year old furniture from Germany is not the normal lock you come across so a little investigation is required. Danny wants to prevent any damage being caused to the furniture so has taken the snapped key away and the matching lock off the other door to research best method of entry.

Second job was in Galashiels to replace a set of UPVC door handles that had completely sheared. Danny got the chance to speak to the customer about their hobby, stamp collecting which was very interesting.

Last job of the day was in Huntleywood to fix a set of French Doors that had been damaged in the recent storm. A new part is required so a temporary fix was required to allow the door to be locked.

Hirst Locksmiths is a friendly, professional Locksmith service that covers the whole of the Scottish Borders. Available 24/7 for emergency call outs and appointment bookings.

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