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What a Glorious Day in The Scottish Borders! | Hirst Locksmiths

What a glorious day in the Scottish Borders! Danny Hirst started the day off at a lovely property not far from Abbotsford. The customer wanted a quote on seven separate tasks in their property.

Danny then drove across to Hawick in the glorious weather 😎. The customer had issues locking her bedroom window. This ended up being due to an internal part of the locking mechanism becoming misaligned. Within a couple of minutes working in the sun, the window now locks.

Last job of the day actually came through whilst Danny Hirst from Hirst Locksmiths was out for a run 🏃. A previous customer in Selkirk had an issue getting into her commercial property. The key would turn but the door was jammed shut. After a couple of minutes Danny had the door opened and identified the problem as the fresh paint job sticking on the opposing door.

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