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UPVC Door issues | Hirst Locksmiths

UPVC door issues are very common this time of year as the sudden temperature differences come into effect.

Today I adjusted a couple of customers UPVC doors. Due to the temperature changes this time of year, it can misalign the latch and deadbolt (and hooks on multipoint doors) with the frame keeps. The door in the photo also needs a new gearbox due to the handle being forced when the handle started getting stiff.

With UPVC doors, prevention is better than cure, so get in touch with Danny from Hirst locksmiths to adjust your doors as we start moving into winter.

Danny from Hirst Locksmiths of Galashiels provides free no obligation quotes for all Locksmith related work, so get in touch to arrange an appointment.

☎️ 07399574282.

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